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BADSIDE at the Farm 3.15.13


Check out BADSIDE on their MIDWEST TOUR 2013 
3/22 - New Brunswick, NJ @ Ray Cappo’s Cantina - with 3jane, Working Stiff, and Stag Party
3/24 - Columbus, OH @ CAT SCIENCE with LOSE THE TUDE (members of DELAY. HC), Warsaw Vices, and 1+Tba
3/25 - Milwaukee, WI @ Ground Zero - with Tenement + TBA
3/26 - Chicago, IL @ Albion House - Bad Side, Scoundrel, Bed Sores, Medicine Man
Bad Side will be performing live on WHPK Pure Hype Radio at 10:30 am on the 27th. Tune in while you enjoy your coffee or hate your job. It will be re-broadcasted at 9pm on 3/29
3/27 - Chicago, IL @ The Subterranean - Scoundrel, Glish, Torture Love, and Unrur
3/28 – Detroit, MI @ Lager House - Tenement, Give, Nightbirds, Deliberate Abuse, and Touch
3/29 – Cleveland, OH @ 71st Door – Bad Doctors, No, Depeche, and Brother
3/30 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Jimmy’s House (Polish Hell?) - with No, Bad Doctors, and EEL
3/31 - Philadelphia, PA @ FU Church - Paint It Black, Joyce Manor, Loma Prieta, Congenital Death, Bad Side



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    BADSIDE at the Farm 3.15.13 © ALYSSA TANCHAJJA 2013
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    dudes in detroit with tenement and give on my birthday……..wont have the money for the drive down though……….
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    Starts tonight. Will have tapes, t-shirts, tour posters, and an attitude.
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    Alyssa Tanchajja takes cool photos
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